Residential Unit

The Service

The residential unit is the boarding house that is the home-away-from-home where the children go back to after school hours. In addition to food, shelter and basic child care, the children here have access to social workers and academic and psychological support as well as various educational and entertainment activities. The supervisors’ duties are mainly of a parental nature which span from listening to the child’s personal problems, to following up on his/her education, activities and work to developing their good manners and up-bringing.

The Physical Space

The dormitories have been divided into smaller rooms, each accommodating 3 to 5 children depending on the age group. Each child has his or her own separate bed and separate closet. Each dormitory is equipped with a recreation hall for activities and meetings. 

The operational sub-units serving the residential unit and its occupants include the laundry unit, the sewing factory, the kitchen and the infirmary.


The renovation and restructuring of the department has resulted in the improvement of our resident children’s academic performance and social behavior not only in the dorms, but also at school and at home. 

Future Plans

  • Establishing a scout team
  • Activate the football club
  • Establishing a volunteer club for the youth to do community service activities

Rehabilitate the barber room to train the vocational students living in dorms

It is the home-away-from-home