Ramadan Dar Project

Orphan Welfare Society has launched its "Ramdan Al Dar" campaign which provides daily Iftar meals to orphans and needy families at a cost of 10,000LPB per meal. During last Ramadan, and thanks to the support of generous philanthropists and donors, OWS succeeded in providing no less than 860 meals daily.

Ramadan Iftar meals are prepared in OWS Dar kitchen and they include a main course, salad, soup and dessert, all of which are packaged in boxes for proper transportation and distribution to the registered families.

For those who wish to participate in this campaign, they can:

  • Call us at 07722788 or 07720788 - extension 102/103
  • Visit our offices at Serail Roundabout, OWS campus, Dar Al Fatat building
  • Donate through our bank accounts at the Bank Med IBAN:
  • Donate online via www.orphanwelfare-lb.org
  • Write a bank check payable to OWS ????? ????? ??????
  • Have Iftar with the children at OWS

IBAN: LB 570022000000140010349200 (L.L.)IBAN: LB 190022000000240010349200 (US $) Audi BankIBAN: LB 76005600003598146100100307 (L.L.)IBAN: LB 75005600003598146100200332 (US $)

Or, for more convenience, OWS can send a representative directly to you. 

It addition to all the above, OWS also accepts donations for “Fotra” (5000 LL according to Dar Al-Iftaa), Zakat (2.5% according to Islamic Sheriah), and “Keswah” (Eid clothes) 25,000 LL.

Finally, the annual Sohour Al Dar, which is organized by the OWS Ladies’ Committee, will be held on May 18th in the OWS garden. For your reservations, please call 07722788 ext: 112.

OWS wishes the Sidonian community as well as all its supporters in Lebanon who believe in its mission a Blessed Ramadan and Happy Eid, and they look forward to continuous collaboration to transform the lives of the children and to assure them brighter futures.


Children are likely to live up to what you believe of them