Vocational Students graduation

Orphan welfare Society graduated its first 180 students from its Mohammad  Zaidan  Center for Vocational training, in addition to a new group of graduates form School of deaf who passed in the official exams. Where   162 graduates graduated from 10 vocational disciplines. In his speech, Dr. Said  El-Makkaoui, President of the Orphan Welfare   Society, , said that the continuity of the society comes from the confidence of the people and the community. He said: "The confidence of the people and the support of the people of Sidon is what sets  us determined to persevere in completing the role of our mission in society towards the less fortunate children and motivate us to train the work team supervising these children. " Al-Makkaoui also addressed the Deaf School where four new classes will be opened with a grant from Mr. Waleed Kassab. Al-Makkoui also thanked the Ministry of Social Affairs and the United Nations Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) for supporting the activities of the Association. Mrs. Leila Nassar Ibrahim, the head of the vocational school"The Mohammed Zaidan Vocational Institute has become one of the best institutes in Saida in terms of training and accelerated vocational education," she said. "Our role at the Mohammed Zidan Institute is to empower students and support them educationally and morally to overcome their problems and difficulties and enter life."She also thanked her students and the professional and management team for their efforts during this year. 

Certificates were finally distributed to all the graduates who later celebrated their success together.



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