Ramadan Al Dar

April 23 - May 23


A small percentage of 2.5% can make a big difference to the lives of those that are eligible to receive it.

Pay Zakat

Kuswat Al Eid

Your yearly sponsers allows us to provides a warm and clean home

30 $ / child
Make a Donation

Monet El Dar

It includes : food and Vegetables.

70 $ / family
Make a Donation


For those who couldn’t fast this year, you can pay your fotra with us to make up for lost days.

3 $ / child
Pay Fotra

Zakat al Fitr

Paid by the household provider for each person they are responsible for.

10 $ / person
Pay Zakat al Fitr

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Sponsor a Child at SGS

Your yearly sponsorship provides the right to an education to communities where education is a luxury.

1000$ / year

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