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 Saida Generation School (SGS) at Orphan Welfare Organization (OWO) aims to provide free educational services to the less-privileged students in society as well as to students with learning difficulties who suffer from dire social and psychological conditions. SGS aims to reduce school dropout rates in the elementary cycle by providing students with basic skills to help them continue their academic or vocational achievement and to assure them a productive future.



We look towards a world that recognizes the importance of a sound education in building a future for all children.




  • Reduce school dropout rates in the elementary cycle.
  • Establish the principles of proper education for the less-privileged students in the society and their families.
  • Provide students with academic skills that will empower them to continue their academic and vocational achievement.
  • Work to overcome the learning difficulties that hinder the acquisition of required competencies.
  • Empower students to complete their lessons and homework independently.
  • Provide students with basic life skills that will enable them to integrate in the society.
  • Promote close relationships with their parents.
  • Provide free high quality educational services and adopt advanced educational methods.




  • Provide education to students from kindergarten to sixth grade.
  • Provide academic support to students with learning difficulties in its Learning Disability Unit.
  • Determine individualized learning methods (different from Official Lebanese Curriculum) to accommodate school dropouts of various ages.
  • Adopt a unified plan through the Case Management Team (CMT) to modify students’ behavior.
  • Provide psychological services by experts in the field.
  • Provide medical services by professional nurses.
  • Organize a social, individual and group guidance sessions for the students and their families.


Beneficiaries of the department service:

Ajial / SGS offers its services to 569 children from the age of 3 to 14 including 130 registered in its Learning Disability Unit.

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